Wednesday, June 4, 2014

034 - A Small Update (I'm on Vacation!)

I apologize in advance for not giving you updates. No, i did not quit cooking. I'm currently in Cologne, Germany.

Food here is amazing. Looking forward to adapt the food here to my blog anytime soon, so be on a lookout!

Just went through 14 hour of recycled air, regaining my consciousness by inhaling the Kaassouffle. Piping hot, crispy deep fried dough (or was it bread?) filled with Dutch Cheese. Happy! 2 Euro - Schiphol Airport - Netherlands

The Netherlands version of Fast Food Vending Machine. You drop your coin on the slot of the food that you're chosing, press the button, pop the lid, VOILA! Schiphol airport - Netherlands

Patat Frites. Dutch style french fries. So thick, yet crispy still. A huge dollop of Mayonnaise is a must. Schiphol Airport - Netherlands

Breakfast indulgence. Whole wheat bread, portioned Brie cheese, Potato Rosti, Smoked Salmon, Cured Mussels. Sheraton Hotel - Netherlands

Freshly cut Kiwi, Honeydew, Melon, and Watermelon. A bowl of mixed nuts, including; Macadamia, Pecan, Walnut, Almond, and topped off with dried coconut and whole milk. Delish!! Sheraton Hotel - Netherlands

German Pretzel. Auntie Anne's? Never heard of it. 1.40 Euros of Awesomeness. Crunchy yet soft, with huge chunks of Sea Salt on top. Cologne - Germany

Not the nicest picture, but it tasted good. Doner Kebab bought at a stall near hotel. 4 Euro. Shavings of lamb meat, with a large heaping of salad, and 2 types of sauces, one of which i can't even recognize. Cologne - Germany

A meal of a Turkish restaurant at downtown. A large serving of Briyani rice, of which you will add butter to mix with the rice, paired with 2 minced lamb meats (literally, SO GOOD), and grilled tomatoes. Accompanied by salad of Mint, Radishes and Celery. 9.50 Euro. Berlin - Germany

Testing out American part of the typical breakfast. Scrambled eggs - Baked tomato - Red Beans. It was okay. InterCityHotel - Berlin - Germany

Europe is pastry lover. This croissant was absolute class. Flaky, creamy, tasty. Paired with Honeycombs (yes, those are real honeycombs), it is an unmistakable combo! InterCityHotel - Berlin - Germany
The best soya milk i ever tasted. Great thing? It's organic and vegan friendly! Talk about perfect. Cologne - Germany

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