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044 - GRAVEYARD DIRT CAKE #EasyCooking

I love desserts. I’m deeply in love. It is always a pleasant experience downing a spoonful of smooth concoction of chocolate and cream inside one’s throat after a delicious protein laden meal. Just so happens that I also like Oreo. And also, just so happens that I just got a brand new food processor. So this is how the story goes.

Ever heard of Dirt Cake? It’s basically a dessert that is made to resemble flower pot (or some sort), with ‘dirt’ made out of Oreo. Some say it's culinary brilliance. Some say it's downright weird. But me? i like my things a little bit weird. Anyway, did a bit of googling, it turns out, the Dirt Cake originated from the USA. May i just say to the people who come up with this idea; BRAVO. KUDOS.

Let's talk a bit about the ingredient. You don't have to be scared. No, we're not gonna scoop up some soil from your own backyard and eat it. Don't be silly. Oreo is the perfect ingredient for that ‘dirt’. 

This is my take on such recipe. 

This is my version of Dirt Cake.

Please welcome.........


This recipe is very easy to make, since we will utilize the full benefit of instant pudding mix, which I believe is readily available in your nearest supermarket!


For 3 servings of 1 Pint-sized Mason Jar, you will need:

2 Pack of Oreo
1 Packet of Instant Chocolate Pudding. I stumbled upon this instant flan mix, which I think is more suitable, since it’s more jelly-like. And me likey jelly like texture! Oh, it measures 145 grams
500 ml of plain white milk.
250 ml of Whipping Cream

- Mixer
- Food Processor / Blender. Folks, if you have a food processor, PLEASE USE IT. They will give you the best looking Oreo dirt ever. Don’t have one? Use the spices attachment on your regular blender (you know, that small attachment apart from the regular blender jar). If you're interested in buying one, i stumble upon a good one here 
- Spatula
- Bowl


Ready? Here We Go!

Step 1 – Tear the Oreo open (kinda reminds you of Zombie tearing person’s torso in a movie doesn’t it?), put it inside the Food Processor (or a Blender if you will), blitz until it resembles a fine, black dirt. Set it aside.

I'm in love with this beauty.
Fill her up nicely
That looked perfect!!

Step 2 – Grab a bowl, and measure the whipping cream. You notice that I’m using a cold-looking metal bowl. Yep, I put that bowl into the freezer 10 minutes before using. Whipped cream will benefit from cold utensil, making it easily expandable. I also add another similar sized bowl underneath filled with Ice to keep the top bowl cold. Maximize the use of your hand mixer, and whisk until it reaches soft peak. Set it aside in the refrigerator once done.

Cold Cream x Cold Bowl = Win
Whisk your sorrow away
Yummy yummy i got love on my creamy

Step 3 – Get a sauce pan and turn the heat up to medium. Follow the instructions on the Instant Chocolate Pudding mix. Mine says it has to use 500 ml of Milk. I let the milk come to a simmer before adding the pudding mix and whisk away to a boil. This took approximately 4 minutes. Once the liquid starts to thicken (the gelling agent has done its work!), transfer it to an empty bowl, and whisk away any lumps while cooling down.


Note: i don't like my pudding mix to be too thick, so i add a splash of milk

Step 4 – When your pudding mix is cold to the touch, add the whipping cream and fold it with a spatula. You’re basically done with the mix!

Step 5 – Assemble. Add the Oreo to the bottom. Alternating it with the pudding mix, Oreo, pudding mix, and so on, and finish the top with Oreo dirt. You’re done!

Empty clean jar
Base dirt
Pudding mix
More dirt
yet another dirt

Step 6 – Serve!

I love this dessert. The texture is smooth and grainy both at the same time. It is so awesome. It can even work for a Halloween themed party! Just add some Gummy Worms and tombstone and you're good to go!



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