Sunday, September 28, 2014


Hello and welcome to the special 50th edition of My Big Fat Cooking Blog recipe post!

Fifty. FIVE O. That’s a huge number for me! Can’t believe I’ve got this far. Sure I could use more tweaks here and there. But hey, it’s better to take things slow than doing nothing at all :)

This week, i’m going to take you to another Nutella filled journey. This time, in a form of Wonton. So please give it up for…….NUTELLA WONTON.

Remember, this time around, there are no rules. Nothing.


For as many servings as you like, you’ll need

As many wonton wraps as you like (rule of thumb: there are 2 shape, square and circle. Square worked for Boat shaped, the latter for Half-Moon and Gyoza)
As many Nutella as you like (rule of thumb: use ½ tsp Nutella per-Wonton. 1 tsp for the Boat shaped)
As many Mini Marshmallow as you like (rule of thumb: 3 per Half-Moon/Gyoza shaped, 4 for the Boat Shaped)
Oil for frying


Ready? Here We Go!

Step 1 – Fill a small bowl with water, get it ready beside you

Step 2 – Get a piece of Wonton/Gyoza Wrap, fill it with Nutella and Marshmallow (follow the amount listed above)

Pure, untouched.
..then it got tainted.
..with Marshmallow.
Step 3 – Wet your finger, and give the edges a wipe. Now it’s time to fold. If you’re using Gyoza style wraps, you can just fold it halfway (to make a half moon fold), or make a Gyoza fold by joining the center part together, and fold the sides 2 times on both ends. To make the boat shape, it’s more intricate. Get a piece of Square Wonton wraps, fill it up, wet the edges, fold one corner so it meets the opposite end. Give it a nice seal, tuck the middle part with your finger in, fold the long edges so it meets one another, and VOILA!

Gyoza Fold:

Wet the edges
Hold it up
Let the center part meets
Fold the sides toward the insides
Half Moon Fold:

Hold it firmly
Wet the edges
Fold it in half
Boat Fold:

Wet the edges
Make a triangle fold
Wet the left side of the triangle
Tuck the middle part in
Fold inwards so the dry part meets the wet part


Step 4 – Fill a wok with Oil, heat it on medium-high. Deep fry time fella. Frying is quick, approximately 1 minute. Careful, and watch it, as Marshmallow can leak!

Heat test: look at how the chopsticks emit bubbles

Step 5 – Serve!

Okay, so this wasn’t the healthiest idea around. But who gives a f**k? It’s 50th post!

Remember, the Nutella nad the Marshmallow is only the tip of the iceberg. You can improvise as crazy as you want!



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