Sunday, March 30, 2014

025 - Oreo Milk Pudding!


Are you ready for dessert? This week recipe is very, very straight forward; even the laziest of person can whip this dessert just fine. I present to you, OREO MILK PUDDING!

You will need:

Wait, where's the sugar?
2 cups of whole milk. Substitute with Almond/Soy milk to make it vegan friendly. Be aware, taste might differ
75 grams of granulated sugar. Feel free to adjust the sweetness to your liking. Word of advice, the Oreo also add sweetness to the dessert
1 pack of Oreo.
2 large vanilla beans
1 pack of plain agar-agar powder.

Ready? Here We Go!

Step 0 -  Why step zero? Because prepping goes without saying you jackass! Measure your milk, making sure it's room temperature (like always, d'oh), measure the sugar while you're at it too! Vanilla beans? later on

2 Cups, no more, no less

Precise measurement is vital to prevent overly sweet pudding!

Step 1 – Get a saucepan, pour your milk, and sugar, and start the stove on a medium high heat. Let the milk heats up, stirring often to ensure all the sugar dissolves.



Step 2 – Halfway through the boiling process, scrape the beans off the vanilla, and mix it with the milk. You will notice this thing is starting to smell a little bit like heaven.

First, split the beans in half
Tore open to reveal the black goodness inside
Scrape from one end..
..To another.
Now this is the SHIT!
Bye bye Vay vay!

Step 3 – After the milk boils, turn the heat down to low, and mix in your agar-agar powder. Stir well, boil for a bit more, and then turn the heat off. Transfer the pudding mix to a large bowl to cool

Hot liquid x Wide surface = Faster cooling time

Whisking = Faster cooling process, too!

Step 4 – The way you incorporate the Oreos to this dish totally depends to your liking. If you want the Oreos whole, don’t crush ‘em. For me? Lightly crush. I put sizable portions to ramekin (feel free to use mold of your choice!), and fill 'er up!

Step 5 – Pour the mix to a mold of your choice, and once the mix is cooled, refrigerate the pudding for at least 2 hours to set up.

Step 6 – SERVE!!

Oooh la la ~~~, gotta love this sweet babies! Please give this recipe a go, and tell me know how it goes!




  1. where to buy the vanilla beaaans? :O

    1. upscale supermarket should have them. Try Grand Lucky, Ranch Market, Food Hall :)

  2. Kalo gapake vanilla ngaruh banget gak sama rasanya?

  3. Hai Ni Wayan Putri

    Gak terlalu kok, tapi vanilla nambah aroma aja :)

  4. Can I substitue vanilla beans with vanilla essens?