Friday, April 18, 2014

028 - Rainbow Rice Crispies Treat!

As you can see from my last week recipe, I’m currently obsessed with easy desserts. I don’t know why. But to me, a treat that is sweet AND easy to make sounds like pure gold. And for this week, the recipe is DEAD EASY. All you will need are 3 basic ingredients, and a whole lot of imagination. If that isn’t easy, I don’t know what is.


You will need:

1 bag (300 grams) Marshmallows. Big sized or mini sized, both worked just fine. If you’re a conscious Moslem, there are Marshmallows that are made with Cow Gelatin instead of Pig in the market.
130 grams of plain Rice Krispies cereal. This is also called ‘Rice Puff’ in some places. Not trying to be sounding like I need an endorsement, but Kellogg’s are the way to go!
4 Tbsp of Butter. I’ve yet to find a recipe that substitute this with Margarine, but if you gave it a go, let me know how it turns out!


1 Large baking dish, for shaping the treats obviously. I’m using my brownie pan
Aluminium Foil.
Oil/Cooking spray

Reader, keep in mind, you can actually whip this up all together with no problem at all. But, I’m feeling a bit adventurous today, so I’m making this a RAINBOW RICE CRISPIES TREAT. With that being said, I’m adding 5 food coloring (Dark Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, and Blue) to the overall ingredient to recreate a rainbow.

If you decided to make it a Rainbow treat, just divide the overall recipe into 5 separate portion for each color. I will be giving the details in the steps.

Ready? Here We Go!

Step 1 – Line your pan with aluminium foil. Here’s a neat trick to make it easier: Flip your pan, adjust the foil to be put into the center of the squares and press down to the shape of the pan. Flip it, and just put it in, VOILA

Adjust the foil so it overlaps

All set up!

Step 2 – Heat the pan on medium-low heat (Gas mark 6 in an electric stovetop), put in your butter. If you’re going for regular treats, put ALL your butter in. If you’re going for Rainbow, put 1/5 of the butter in.

Step 3 – Once the butter has melted completely, time for the Marshmallows to be melted. Again, you can either put ALL of it for regular treats, or 1/5 (60 grams to be exact) of it for Rainbow treats. Use a spatula that has been wiped with oil or sprayed with cooking spray to mix. TRUST ME, you definitely NEED to lubricate the tools. Stir vigorously STILL on LOW heat to avoid scorching the Marshy. 

It goes in
It gets stirred

Step 4 – For regular treats, put ALL of your Rice Krispies into the pan and stir to mix with an oiled-spatula (to avoid it sticking, obviously). If you’re doing the Rainbow, put in 5-6 drops of food coloring (start from the darkest color, going ascending to the lightest one, or vice versa), and stir vigorously before putting 1/5 of the cereal (Approx 26 grams) in and continue stirring

No, that's not period blood.
..but it did get swirled!
Puff goes in
Puff goes stir-stir

Step 5 – Working quickly (because this mix hardens REAL fast), spread the cereal-marshy mix into the pan that is previously wiped with cooking oil/cooking spray. For regular treats, this is as far as you go. All that is left is to wait for it to harden in about 15 minutes. For Rainbow treats, repeat step 2-4, until you have made the rest of the 4 color mix.

Work fast, these things hardens in no time
First of the 5 color

Step 6 – SERVE!

Oh man, this is seriously the nicest looking treats I ever whip up so far. This tasted gooey, and crunchy both at the same time.

But keep in mind, this treat tasted the best at the day it is made. 

If you’re going to keep some of it, use a sealed jar, and it will keep for 2 days in room temperature before going rock hard. But I suggest keeping it inside a sealed bag in a freezer; it will keep for almost 2 months. To serve freezer-kept treats, let it thaw in room temperature for 15 minutes before eating it.

Please, please, please, give this a go. I know if you had children, they will absolutely love it. I’m not saying that Adult wouldn’t like it, but the taste is a bit too sweet for some adults. But not for ME. THIS IS HEAVEN