Sunday, October 27, 2013

002 - Getting Started

“You ain’t a good cook unless you know your way around the kitchen”

I remember that statement vividly. My Mom said that to me. It's a mantra that i've been holding all along. And in a while, you will know why you should too.

To give you a brief history on how I got to cooking, here's the 2 sentence summary:

Teriyaki Chicken,
6th Grade.

Yes, as early as 2000, I’ve already made a mess in the kitchen (sorry, Mom). Cooking is a learning process, and at a time, you WILL fail eventually (don't worry, just keep on going)

My common mistake back then was not preparing every ingredient beforehand (also known as 'prepping'), and that proved to be a fatal each, and every time. But if you have the ingredient prepped and ready for the pan, you’re basically 50% done. (Don’t believe the numbers, I made that up). 

Once you prepped your ingredients, don’t forget to make friends with your tools! Knives, Cutting board, Tongs, Spatula, and tons other you can see over at the nearest kitchen supplies store, all had its purposes! Learn about them!

Next up, you gotta know your ingredient. The taste, the texture, the cooking method for it, the shelf life, and so on. Up until today, i'm still on a constant learning curves of understanding each and every ingredients in this great wide world. 

Okay, so now with all those things I’ve said, can you imagine yourself in your kitchen? 



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