Saturday, November 16, 2013

008 - Aglio E Olio Spaghetti!

This pasta dish is the easiest pasta you can make at home. No, really, when I first made this, I was shocked by how easy and quick this dish is made. And you know, chicks dig fancy Italian cooking.  Oh, and yes, IT IS DAIRY FREE! Great news for you lactose intolerant people!

You will need:

- Pasta. Any kind will do!, there is no limitation, but, to keep it authentic, try to stick to either regular spaghetti or angel hair pasta

- Garlic. 3 clove for 1 serving. Sliced.

- Olive oil. ALWAYS use olive oil for this dish. Italian cooking is nothing without it! Choose regular olive oil, save your Extra Virgin for Salad dressings and garnish. You’ll need approximately 6 tbsp per 1 serving. Like it more oily? Put more. Like it dry? Put less. Just don’t complicate the recipe like your love life (HAHA LOL JK)

- Fresh or Dried parsley. Getting fresh parsley is a pain in the ass for a white collar worker like me. Parsley don't keep well in the fridge, and will only keep for around a day or two outside. I chose the easy way;  I used the dried ones.

- Fresh or Dried chili pepper/pepper flakes. Either way, both worked magic! Here’s the drawback: the fresh will took a little bit longer to cook to improve its aroma, while the dried chili will cut off almost half the time needed to bring out the flavor.

- Salt. Worked wonder to give the dish a well rounded taste

- Freshly Ground Black Pepper. Same like the salt.

Ready? Here We Go!

Step 1 - Boil your pasta according to instructions on the packaging. Don't forget to salt the water!

Step 2 - Slice your Garlic and Chili finely. As thin as you possibly can!

Step 3 - Pour your olive oil and mix it with the garlic and chili on the pan. NOTE: DON'T turn on the heat just yet!

Step 4 - Now, turn on the heat on LOW. This way, the oil will heat up slowly, allowing the flavor of garlic and chili to fully infused, which is the whole point of this dish anyway! This should take around 5-6 minutes. Please pay attention to this process. If you burn the garlic, you'll ruin the whole dish!

Step 5 - Once you see bubble around the garlic and chili, and the smell permeates into the air, pour your pasta in! 

Step 6 - Season! Pour your salt and pepper to taste, and don't forget the parsley!

Step 7 - Plate!

If you’re a dude, this dish will definitely impress your Crush. No, really, no joke.

Try making this. Now.

Thanks for reading!
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