Sunday, August 24, 2014

046 - Yaki Onigiri #EasyCooking

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This week recipe is still from Japan. It’s fast, it’s so quick, and it is delish. 


For 2 large Onigiri, you will need;

1 Cup of measured Rice. Skip the stove, use rice cooker. Add 1,3 cups of water, and 15 minutes later, VOILA! Cooked Rice! This will yield about 2 large handfuls of rice.
3 tbsp of Japanese Soy Sauce.

As for fillings, there are no limitations. I usually stick to the basics, like Katsuobushi or Salmon. Just use your imagination!

Ready? Here We Go!

Step 1 – Get a non-stick pan, heat it on medium-high.

Step 2 – Get your cooked rice ready. It doesn’t have to be piping hot, because, Hello, y’all wouldn’t wanna have a burnt hand do ya?. Warm to touch is more than enough. Wet your hands and grab a big handfuls and shape 'em. Oh right, don’t forget your fillings if you feel like it!

Contrary to popular beliefs, Onigiri is not Triangle all the times. There are Onigiri in round shape, oval shape, even rectangular shape! I myself like it classic, Triangle.

Please use clean water for your hands. No, seriously.
Yeah, Rice love it wet. mehehehehhehe
A big handfuls
Shape 'em!
I ended up with 2 large and 1 small sized onigiri with the amount of Rice listed above.

Step 3 – Lightly oil the pan and put the Onigiri in. Let it sear, and utilize a careful eye, don’t let it burn. Once a crust has developed, flip it over and baste lightly with Soy Sauce. Give it a flip every 2 minutes. Do this as many times as you like to create a lovely golden crust! I spent a good 10 minutes on this batch.

Canola Oil was used this time around. Simply for higher heat resistance
Wipe excess oil clean
Start grilling!
After the first flip

Step 4 – Serve!

This Yaki Onigiri is warm, crusty, salty, and sweet all at the same time!

You can eat it as is, or with a side of Miso Soup and Grilled Sanma. Talk about homey feeling.



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