Sunday, November 2, 2014


Here’s a quick, less than 5 minute to cook recipe to impress people!


If you follow my instruction, you might just pulled off your very first gourmet looking dish!


For 1 Servings, you will need:

1 Piece of White Bread. Or you know, go health with Wheat, cause whatever
1 Eggs. I’m currently in love with organic eggs since it has a brighter looking yolk, and it tasted better too!
Oil For frying
Butter For frying


Ready? Here We Go!

Step 1 – Make sure the bread is in room temperature (lazy ass people, trust me, it pays to do so!). Grab a circular cookie cutter (or a glass if you don’t have one), press it gently towards the center of the bread to make a hole. Keep both the Hole and the rest of the bread, set it aside.

Here we have a Circular Cookie Cutter in it's natural behavior: Making Holes (LOL)

Look Ma! A Hole!

Step 2 – Get a non-stick pan, set the heat to medium, and put a dash of Oil and Butter in there. After the pan gets hot, put the bread in (NOT the Hole people, not just yet.) Afterwards, crack your egg in the middle, and let it cook for about 2 minutes, or until it hardens to your liking.

Olive Oil and Butter
A nice mixing action
Bread goes in
Egg goes in!
NOOOO! The Yolk Broke :'((

Step 3 – After the egg gets a little bit runny, give it a flip to cook the other side for another 1 minute. Once done, set aside, and cook the hole part of the bread until it gets toasty on both sides.

Step 4 – Serve!

See? I promised you an easy recipe didn’t i? If that wasn’t easy enough, go try it on yourself! You’ll be amazed how much you can do with just 2 ingredients!

Serve this with a touch of Salt and Pepper, or maybe a Hot Sauce too, and enjoy with a nice cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Have a nice weekend everyone!



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