Friday, July 4, 2014

038 - Peanut Butter Ramen! #RamenHack

Good evening ladies and gentleman! It is now Friday, 7:19 PM in the evening as I type this. A pretty weird time to be at home and do some blogging some of you might say right? NOPE. 

Any time is a perfect blogging time for me!

Time to check out this new recipe I came up recently.  

I know you love peanut butter. I mean, WHO DOESN’T right? (Too bad for those with peanut allergy though lol). I absolutely love PB. I can eat it out of a jar with a spoon non-stop (I’ll probably stop after I remember it can cause terrible acne to my face, ugh)

Who knew PB also goes well with Instant Ramen? Let me show you how!



For 1 servings, you will need:

1 Packet of Instant Ramen. I’m using Indomie’s Chicken Onion flavor.
1,5 tbsp of Smooth Peanut Butter
2 Garlic, grated
1 tsp Dried Chili Flakes
1 tsp of Sugar
Pinch of Salt
1 tbsp vinegar. I’m using rice vinegar
(optional) 2 tsp sesame seed oil
(optional) 1 tbsp Gochujang (Korean Pepper Paste, you can read more about it here)


Ready? Here We Go!

Step 1 – Boil your noodles as instructed, bla bla bla, you know the drill. Here’s the catch: Mix the seasonings with the water, and cook the noodle halfway through. We will boil the noodle once again right after the PB paste is done. Set it aside, and Read on!

I can imagine Hell looked a bit like this eh?
Remember how Justin Timberlake used to have this for a hair?
In goes the seasoning
Don't forget the chili too
..and the oil!

Step 2 – Get a non-stick pan, pour about 1 tbsp of cooking oil on medium heat. First, in goes the garlic. Give it a good stir. And then add the chili flakes. Give it yet, another stir. You shall smell that lovely heat by now.

Oil (obviously, duh)
Vampire's eternal enemy (Garlic)
Don't you just love to stir it?
Chili Flakes
Slowly turning into a paste

Step 3 – Add your Peanut Butter! The PB will melt, thanks to the heat. Give it a nice stir, and add the vinegar and sesame seed oil (optional). Continue stirring, and then add the sugar. You will see that the mixture will turn into a paste, and if you fancy, it is now the time to throw in the Gochujang. Give it a nice stir, and by now it shall look like Belacan (Shrimp Paste). Finish with a sprinkle of salt, and set aside.

Stir, then add the vinegar and sesame seed oil (optional)
Sugar, we're going down
Salt to finish!

Step 4 – Reheat the noodle and the broth. Grab a bowl, and put your PB paste in. After the broth gets boiling once again, add it into the paste a little at a time while stirring it. This will prevent lumps, and will make the broth smooth as silk. After you pour every broth, it is time to put the noodles in, and whaddya know? WE’RE DONE!

Step 5 – Serve.

Thank me later folks, this thing is amazing.



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