Saturday, June 28, 2014

037 - Silky Scrambled Eggs (Fast, Easy, CHEAP!)

Hello and happy weekend people!

How was your week? Mine was pretty awesome (snagged 21 Jump Street Blu Ray for 30% off? SCORE).

Anyway, since Ramadhan (fasting month) is right around the corner, I’m going to try to come up with more easy to whip up recipe to accommodate this holy month!

Recipe for today is very, VERY, straight forward. It is also very light tasting, perfect to match with any carbs you like. Rice, Bread, Pasta, all of it will work fine!


I love eggs. Who doesn’t?? It is filled with protein, it is fulfilling, it is very flexible, and….IT IS CHEAP.

The recipe calls out for 3 ingredients only. How’s that for cost saving solution?


For 1 servings, you will need:

3 fresh eggs. Get organic if you can, the yolk tends to be bolder in flavor!
1 Tbsp of Butter. GREAT NEWS! Margarine can work in place of Butter too!!
Salt to taste


Ready? Here We Go!

Step 1 – Get a bowl and crack all your eggs in. Get a fork and start whisking. Just mix for about 20 seconds, and set it aside.

Cracking eggs? Don't be afraid. Thump it with confidence against a hard surface, and BOOM. Off they go.
Don't overwhip! 

Step 2 – Get a non-stick pan, and pour 1 tablespoon of cooking oil. DON’T START THE STOVE YET.

GOT YA! I didn't pour the eggs just yet :p

Step 3 – Pour your eggs and butter in THEN you can start the stove. Use Medium-Low heat. I personally always start at Low, before gradually increasing to medium throughout the whole process. This way, the egg will become silky smooth. I actually first see this technique used by Gordon Ramsay. But his version is a bit different than mine. See the video and read on!

Eggy shower...
..with Butter for company

Step 4 – Rubber spatula is the only tool you will need for this. It won’t break the non-stick coating, and it doesn’t burn your hand! Constantly stir the egg non-stop to cook it. You can see the progress on the picture I took. After the first 30 seconds of stirring, add the Salt.  It took me around 4 minutes of constant wristwork to get this dish finished!

First stage
Salt goes in
See how it starts to curdle?
Keep going, nearly there
Bloody beautiful!
That is what you're aiming for!
Set it aside to avoid overcooking!

Step 5 – Serve!

Talk about quick and easy eh? I like to cook this for breakfast. I put it on top of my toast, and crack some black pepper over it, and yum yum yum. Love on my tummy people!

Here's some tips to remember by:
  1. Fresh eggs, fresh eggs, fresh eggs. Stale eggs? Get the f**k outta here!
  2. Improv? You can! mix some herbs and spices in the egg mix. Dried Parsley and Dill worked brilliantly well!

Give this recipe a go!



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