Sunday, December 27, 2015

077 - Fish & Chips

Fish & Chips
By My Big Fat Cooking Blog


2 Large Cuts x White Fish (Cod/Dory/Haddock)
1 Cup (Approx 220 grams) x Low Protein Flour (For Batter)
1 Tsp x Black Pepper
½ Tsp x Salt
1 Tsp x Baking Powder
300 ml x Soda Water
As Needed x Low Protein Flour (For Dredging)
As Needed x French Fries
As Needed x Mayonnaise / Tartar Sauce
As Needed x Cooking Oil

Step 1 – Get your fish monger to clean your fish, completely debone, remove the skin. Set aside

Step 2 – Grab a large bowl, add your flour, black pepper, salt, paprika. Lightly mix, and add your soda water. Just lightly mix until all dry ingredients are mixed, and set aside. DON’T OVERMIX.

Step 3 – Heat oil on Medium-High. Set a battering station; Flour – Batter – Oil. Fry the fish for approximately 2-4 minutes depending on size.

Step 4 – Drain the fish once done, don’t forget to fry your fries too.

Step 5 - Serve



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